About Us

Our Philosophy

Positive Outlook’s philosophy is based on the concepts of positive psychology. We recognise that it is important for each individual to experience the ups and downs of life. Our aim is to help our clients to fell grounded and connected, and to assist them to learn how to find balance in their lives.

We also recognise that diversity is a source of richness for communities. Our values are built on an acceptance of, and respect for, the values of others.

We believe in the power of the mind and treating the whole person. Our mind is a connection between our brains capacity, our thoughts and feelings, and our individual spirituality and beliefs. Wellness is a consequence of the balance in the relationship between these systems.

We care about people, and believe in in the virtues as described in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe in equity of opportunity, and enhancing the chance of those most disadvantaged to enjoy the opportunity available to others.

We care about our planet, and are committed to environmental sustainability.

The Dragonfly

Our logo is symbolic of a dragonfly. The arrival of the dragonfly signifies a change in seasons to top end Aboriginal people. To some Aboriginal people they also represent a totem that chases away anxieties. Positive Outlook works with clients to create positive change within people to enhance their wellbeing. Our psychologists apply this philosophy to a broad range of modalities and interest areas.

Our Practice

Our clients are our focus. When you walk into our rooms we want you to feel welcome and cared for. Our practice is built on the notions of care and support within a professional environment.

We apply professional practice management standards and code of ethics of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

We work closely with General Practitioners and other health care providers to build a collaborative approach to enhance individual wellbeing.

Our Staff

Our psychologists are all registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA).

Our aim is to provide the best possible care. We are committed to continuous professional development to enhance our skills and capacity to provide the most recent evidence-based practice. This includes the implementation of comprehensive clinical and peer supervisory processes.

Your Team of Professionals

  • Kathleen Lindsay
    Fellow APS College of Clinical Psychologists
    Clinical Psychologist MAPS
  • Peter Lindsay
    Fellow APS College of Clinical Psychologists
    Clinical Psychologist MAPS